Our materials


Melamine $ : Also known as particle board, this is the most cost-effective material with a vast choice in colours, patterns, and textures.

Polyester $$ : 5-piece doors, superior resistance to scratches, also available in various finishes.

Thermoplastic $$$ : 1 or 5-piece moulded door without seams, very low-maintenance, and blends in well with solid wood.

Acrylic $$$$ : Similar to thermoplastic, set apart by a high-gloss glass-like finish.

Hard wood $$$$$ : Timeless and elegant. Hard wood doors are the epitome of luxury.


(cabinet structure)

Melamine $ : Standard material used for cabinet boxes.

Plywood $$$ : Upgraded material for cabinet boxes offering a natural wood semi-gloss finish.


Laminate $ : Similar in concept to melamine, offering multiple colours and textures.

Engineered Quartz $$-$$$$$ : A blend of natural quartz, resin, and pigments. Offering a look that is not achievable in natural stone.

Granite/Marble/Quartzite $$-$$$$$ : Natural stone offering durability, timeless beauty, as well as a variety of colours and patterns.